Call of Duty on PS4: Top 3 Community Ideas

  • Posted April 30th, 2013 at 16:44 EDT by Steve Chaffin

(continued from previous page) ...its ground, factions began to decay, and environments lacked any MMO spark, MAG quickly fell short on its promises. But Call of Duty gamers already know that the strategy element of their game is almost nonexistent outside of close-knit clans, and factions exist in a more peripheral fashion than in MAG.

Therefore, the Call of Duty franchise has the potential to become an MMO while preserving the core experience. The reintroduction of vehicles would be a good start, and Black Ops II seemed to test the waters with many controllable mobile gadgets. Still, the transition to MMO gameplay would be a large shift, and it's clear that Activision is very weary of doing anything that might upset some long-time fans. Ultimately, gamers will have to look elsewhere for a console MMOFPS, like to CCP's DUST 514.

3. A New and Improved Campaign

Ironically, Infinity Ward and Treyarch's adoption of a modern and futuristic setting is largely due to user demand. After all, every Call of Duty title leading up to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had been set during World War II, and this was also true of many other series. The FPS community was clearly fatigued, and so gamers soon saw Call of Duty visit modern times, 1970s Vietnam, and the not-so-distant future.

Unfortunately for developers, this type of demand that comes back every several years. The idea of a modern setting was enticing six years ago, but is quickly becoming stale. I gladly welcome Treyarch, who has only just hopped into the future with Black Ops II, to continue down its road for another release or so, but Infinity Ward has reached an expiration date on its modern-day setting.

There are several different directions that Infinity Ward could go--in fact, the studio could revert back to World War II. That time period has been given time to breathe, and it could be interesting to see the types of WWII experiences that could be created with next-gen technology. World War I could also offer some compelling gameplay.

Admittedly, the selection of a time period is difficult, as many conflicts in the past one hundred years have been covered, and anything past that may only appeal to a more historically inclined audience. But this doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. As community member DarkVincent07 pointed out, the changes to the campaign could be more gameplay-oriented: fewer scripted scenes, larger and more dynamic maps, and more vehicle usage. Users GunTeng and Venger suggested the adoption of more dynamic narratives, with multiple paths available for any given situation and notable consequences for players' decisions.

There's plenty of room for improvement in Call of Duty's single-player campaigns, and the changes could be warmly received. Black Ops II attempted to create a different campaign experience with the addition of side missions, and the campaign-playing portion of the Call of Duty community is usually more open to change than the entrenched multiplayer base.


The community has spoken. The likelihood of any substantial changes to the award-winning formulaic multiplayer that has prevailed over the last several years is low, but there is hope: It had been presumed that Infinity Ward's next installment in the series would be a continuation of their Modern Warfare sub-series, but recent rumors and speculation concerning Call of Duty: Ghosts implies that the developer is going to take a new path for their next title.

Steven Chaffin is a US Staff Writer for PlayStation Universe who has invested (too much) time into the Call of Duty franchise. While he currently frequents DICE's Battlefield more often, he's always looking for a good team to take on endless hoards of zombies in Treyarch's "Zombies". You can follow Steven on Twitter.


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