DUST 514 guide and beginner's tips

  • Posted May 14th, 2013 at 03:52 EDT by PSU Staff

(continued from previous page) ...and always back off and find cover or allies if you’re out-numbered or health is very low.

Always have one eye on the map. Enemy soldiers appear in red! When you're on your own and the map is swarming with red dots, you might want to move.

Gain War Points and SP by hacking objects. You can hack objects more quickly with multiple players hacking. Hacking Null Cannon’s in Skirmish mode, for example, yields as many Skill points as it does to kill a player. You can also hack turrets, enemy vehicles, supply depots and spawn points.


Shield and health status can be seen on the bottom left-hand corner

Move from A to B quickly with a free vehicle. Most things cost ISK in DUST but the basic Light Assault Vehicle (LAV) is free and can be summoned by dropship by pressing right on the d-pad. It’s a nifty little vehicle and will get you across the map quickly. If there are any enemies on the road, mow them down! Don't get too cocky though, an anti-vehicle weapon will take these out with one shot.

Tactically swap loadouts. Create some loadouts that offer different skills. When you die you can spec into any of these loadouts. You might have started with a sub-machine, for example, and ran into the heat of the battle before discovering an area ideal for sniping that overlooks where the enemy is converging. React to the ever-changing battlefield and experiment until you find your ideal role. You can also change your loadout at Supply Points.

Learn the maps. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in DUST it will pay to know the maps inside out. One of our favourite locations is the tabletop (high area) in the middle of some of the maps. From here you have a view over a large part of the map and a vantage point over your enemy. Remember to bring long range weapons!

Don’t be disheartened! You will die a lot in DUST and it may be tempting to play it for half-an-hour and quit when you first join. Don’t. DUST 514 is the most in-depth, rewarding shooter we have ever played. Join a Corp, go into the DUST communities for advice and speak with people in Chat. There’s a constant learning process in DUST and as soon as things click you’ll never turn back.

For more tips and advice, or to join a friendly DUST 514 Corporation, check out our DUST 514 sub-forum.

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