5 ways that DUST 514 is different to other FPS games

  • Posted May 23rd, 2013 at 09:52 EDT by PSU Community

(continued from previous page) ...all others. This means that you could invest all of your skill points into an assault class but as soon as someone starts sniping you in a match your assault fitting won’t be able to counter it. This is the beauty in the character building. Even if you come up against a player with very good equipment you have the option to play on their weaknesses and therefore, deploy a fitting that counters theirs that may only involve a few well placed skills.

Multiplayer that offers more if you want it
DUST 514 gives you the opportunity to play a multiplayer game just for the fun of it or if you want more than that it gives you the option to get more involved and consequently, enjoy the game more. One example of this are corporations, which add a great dimension to this game. Whereas in a normal FPS you may have a clan you play with, a corporation in DUST offers you something similar but gives you a purpose. In Planetary Conquest mode you and your corporation have territory in the EVE Universe to capture and defend which sets the stakes a whole lot higher for corporation battles.

Another example is that if you want to do better in this game you have to think strategically. This goes for you individually and for your corporation. If you’re playing for more than just the fun of it you need a strategy for what skills you upgrade, a strategy for each map you find yourself in, a strategy for being agile against opponents and a strategy if you want your corporation to climb the leader boards and ultimately, claim territory.

And the best part if you choose to get more involved with DUST 514? Your character will be there forever. You will not have to start all over again like you do when you buy other FPS games in franchises. At each expansion the game simply gets updated, your character will remain. So when you’re investing in skills it will be for the long term requiring a careful strategy.

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