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On the official Killzone website, Guerilla Games has detailed the maps and game modes that will come in the new PlayStation Vita FPS, Killzone: Mercenary. The game will ship with three modes:

Mercenary Warfare - 'Mercenary Warfare is a chaotic free-for-all, where players engage in a brutal and uncompromising race to earn the most Vektan Dollars in the set time limit. You have no allies here!'

Guerilla Warfare - 'ISA and Helghast factions go head-to-head in a team-based deathmatch. The faction that takes out the most enemy troops before the time runs out is the winner.'

Warzone - 'In Warzone, two factions face off in five different missions. Each mission features its own rules and objectives that rely on teamwork, strategy and tactical play. The results from each mission are tallied together to reveal the winners of this epic battle.'

All three types will be playable on six included maps but there is no word on any potential DLC later down the road. The six maps in Killzone Mercenary are:


A run-down fishing village clings to the lowest cliffs of an active smoker stack; the weathered terrain shows evidence of the heavy industry taking place above.


-A natural cave system links the interior of the hollow stack to the exterior terrain, creating multiple covered routes to navigate to different areas of the map.
-Helghast structures stand rusty and creaking, offering defensive positions – but be wary of the flimsy cover which will disintegrate around you under heavy fire.
-A slowly revolving fan blade creates a dynamic cover element requiring careful timing to run or shoot through the gaps.
-The precarious cliff paths can claim the lives of the careless with a short fall into a grim ocean grave


Bolted to the vertical cliffs of a Constantine smoker stack, this vertiginous multi-tiered market and entertainment district is at the heart of this industrial area. Beware the seedy back alleys, as danger could lurk around any one of the dimly lit corners.


-Multi-tiered map design takes the gameplay vertical, with open vistas and long lines of sight.
-Narrow alleys and interiors offer adrenalin pumping close quarters combat.
-The tiers wrap around a central open space giving players an excellent view of the action, but also leaving unwary players highly exposed to enemy positions.


Sitting astride the open top of a dormant smoker stack, this enormous Arc Cannon is constantly scanning the atmosphere for targets, firing bursts of deadly energy at enemy vessels in orbit. Simultaneously, a ground battle rages in and around the superstructure of the cannon, the engagement intensified by the blinding flash and thunderous blast of the cannon bringing down another enemy warship.


-Dynamic Arc Cannon fires periodically throughout the match, lighting the gameplay area in electric blue light and shaking the smoker stack to its foundations.
-Lifts can rapidly move the player from the control room directly beneath the cannon to a lower level maintenance gantry.
-Navigate the support structure and power supply cables of the cannon itself, dashing across this precarious shortcut.
-Caters to all playing styles with long lines of sight for snipers, enclosed areas for close quarters engagements and everything in-between


The refinery is where raw harvested Petrusite undergoes the process to refine it into usable fuel. The facility interior is divided into a number of different areas for room-to-room close quarters combat, while the exposed exterior courtyard is a hotspot for long-range fire fights.


-Balance of exposed exterior and enclosed interior areas to give a good range of engagement distances.
-High speed zip lines allow the player to rapidly traverse from one area to another.
-Elevated sections at either end of the refinery give oversight of much of the open courtyard area, but are vulnerable to counter-sniping and rocket attack
-Careful route selection is essential so as not to expose yourself to a variety of vantage points both obvious and obscure


The Vektan Halls of Justice suffered heavy damage during the Helghast invasion; the top floors of the building ... (continued on next page) ----

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