Dragon's Crown Review: Stunningly beautiful beat-'em-up turned RPG

  • Posted July 31st, 2013 at 15:00 EDT by Dane Smith

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Atlus and Vanillaware make a strong case for the greatest tag team in modern gaming. Dragon's Crown is a brilliant reimagining of a classic genre that wields the depth of an RPG while keeping core elements intact.

We like

  • Stunningly beautiful artwork
  • An original take on the classic 'score' system
  • Depth not seen in a beat-'em-up ever before

We dislike

  • A soundtrack lacking in appropriate epicness
  • The slow build-up for all game elements to unlock

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(continued from previous page) ...more interested in having a movie on in the background than listening to the in-game soundtrack.

Dragon's Crown is available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita but I found myself playing it almost exclusively on PS Vita because of one particular element. In the background there will be chests, hidden loot, runes and other stuff that needs to be clicked on by scrolling over it with the DualShock 3's right stick and pressing a button. On PS Vita, however, the touchscreen can be used instead. The precision and quickness of just touching the screen for your rogue ally to open a chest or door is infinitely less frustrating in combat. With up to a dozen enemies on the screen at any given time, not including your own party, it can get extremely irritating trying to maneuver AND use the right stick. While the Vita is better for that piece of innovation, it does make things cluttered with so many characters on the screen. Choose the PS3 version if you want an easier time knowing what is happening on the screen, but conversely choose PS Vita if you want to maximize the ease of clicking everything in the background.

The last trinket of awesomeness that Atlus and Vanillaware offer gamers with in Dragon’s Crown is the ability to play your game with ease on both systems. It has a built-in cloud service designed for easy switching between devices. All the player has to do is upload their data to the server, download it on the other device and keep playing--it's simple and quick. The only limitation is having to use the same PlayStation Network account, so make sure to buy both versions on the same account for those of you with multiple ones.

Both Atlus and Vanillaware are known for making great, exciting, original games. Dragon's Crown is no different. If you are the type of gamer who is going to get offended by caricatures and outlandish art direction then you will have nothing but total, absolute disdain for this game. However, if you enjoy the concept of fantasy to its absolute fullest, where the world and characters are taken at face value without being needlessly scrutinized, then this game will make you petition for Haggar to get a cameo in a sequel.

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