Top 5 most anticipated PS4 games as voted for by the PSU community

  • Posted August 27th, 2013 at 03:40 EDT by PSU Staff

The PlayStation Universe community have voted Killzone: Shadow Fall as the PlayStation 4 game that excites them the most.

In a poll conducted on PlayStation Universe via the community and social media channels, ShadowFall notched up 38 percent of the vote while Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs came in second with 26 percent.

Here’s the full results in order of popularity.

1. Killzone ShadowFall – 38%
“The PS4 reveal trailer took me aback with its vivacious colors and optimism, as well as a glimpse of actual Vektan high society. These are notes and lore settings that we haven't seen in the Killzone series yet. Shadow Fall looks sick. Day 1,” says KyleOnThe Run.

2. WatchDogs – 26%
“WatchDogs is the most exciting looking game out of the launch line-up and it's so different to what else is on offer,” says StevenW.

3. DriveClub – 10%
“Driveclub may have not received the most positive press reaction BUT the ability to form racing teams with friends online and compete AS A TEAM is something I have been waiting for since online multiplayer began..." Mondofish.

4. Battlefield 4 – 9%
“War on an unprecedented scale, what is there not to like?” says Jonah.

5. Call Of Duty: Ghosts – 7%
“Alright, I'll grow some balls to say this: COD: Ghosts,” says Sufi, fearing a backlash for CoD haters.

Here’s what that looks like in a freaky-looking pie-chart. Check us out…

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