Rocksmith 2014 Review : The ultimate guitar learning package

  • Posted October 25th, 2013 at 09:56 EDT by PSU Staff

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The definitive guitar tutorial that teaches wannabe guitarists in a fun and engaging way

We like

  • A ton of content to improve every aspect of your guitar playing
  • Session Mode offers true innovation. Jamming to a backing group is exhilarating
  • Brilliant feedback system that recognises where you're going wrong and seeks to improve in those areas

We dislike

  • Playing guitar is a way of life. Be prepared to invest some serious time in Rocksmith 2014 to get the most out of it

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As a self-taught guitar player who can strum a few tunes averagely but has lost the motivation to play over the last few years, Rocksmith 2014 is a breath of fresh air. In terms of skill progression I was getting nowhere by reading guitar guides and was stuck in the mindset of an incompetent rhythm guitarist playing nursery rhymes to my daughter and blasting out strum-heavy renditions of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ and ‘Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer’ during the Festive period. Already, in a short period of time, Rocksmith has changed that.

Rocksmith isn’t like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The fact that you need to use a real guitar to play is the first indication that what you’re about to encounter is more than just a game that you’ll conquer in a few weeks.Depending on your current skill level as a guitarist, you could actually still be playing Rocksmith in years to come thanks to a comprehensive set of tutorials and songs, as well as a brilliant Session mode that gives you the tools to create your own music. Learning the guitar can be an extremely rewarding experience and Rocksmith provides everything you need in order to enjoy what can be a tough process.

The game begins when you plug your electric guitar into the PS3 via a Real Tone USB cable, which you must buy in order to play. During the set-up process you get to choose a skill level from ‘beginner’ to ‘very experienced’ which determines how far the various modes will push you. You then get to pick whether you’d like to play Lead, Rhythm or Bass guitar, meaning you could, if you’ve got the patience and motivation, become a master of all three styles



Ubisoft recommends that you use a speaker system for audio to ensure the optimal experience, rather than running it through your T.V. as it may cause lag. However, I ran it through the speakers of a Sony Bravia T.V. and experienced no lag whatsoever after following the tips to disable image scaling and turn off all processing effects. Lag was a big issue in the original game, so it’s great to see that Ubisoft has resolved the issue.


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