The top 5 features we want to see in Mass Effect 4

For my third essential Mass Effect 4 feature I want to examine who should be the game’s main protagonist, and I find myself in agreement with BioWare that
it’s time Shephard stepped aside. Of course this doesn't mean that Mass Effect 4 would ignore Shepard and his/her legacy as I discussed earlier, but I do feel a new title will need a new hero. Why? Well, my reasoning is based on the fact that adventuring as Shepard saw the player cast in the role of a general making crucial decisions during a galactic crisis, great though this was Mass Effect 4 needs a new hero/heroine in a new role, else it could run the risk of the game play feeling stale. If the main protagonist in Mass Effect 4 is a spy, a diplomat or even a civilian, then the title will not feel like Mass Effect DLC, but rather a whole new game. I want to experience the world of Mass Effect 4 through a fresh set of eyes, as I feel this would bring more excitement to the title for new and old fans alike.

My fourth idea for Mass Effect 4 also centers on the game’s main protagonist, but now after deciding on who they are, I want to move onto what they are. I would like BioWare to allow gamers to play as a Krogan, Asari, Drell, Turian, or maybe an entirely new species altogether? OK, the line needs to be drawn somewhere, and maybe a Hanar or Elcor wouldn't be an ideal playable character, but any options in addition to being human would be great. New player character options in Mass Effect 4 will allow more play styles adding to the game’s replayability factor. If Renegade and Paragon options are also still a feature then gamers are certainly going to playing Mass Effect 4 again and again for a long time after its release. The human race took center stage in the first three Mass Effect games, so to bring diversity and replayability to Mass Effect 4, I would love players to have more options when creating their hero.

In the original Mass Effect trilogy one of my favorite parts of the game was upgrading the Normandy, and turning it into the galaxy’s greatest vessel. But I felt disappointed that I could never take the helm of my trusty ship in space combat, and fly daring interstellar dogfights. So, for my fifth and final essential Mass Effect 4 feature; I would love to see ship-based combat introduced into the game. Allowing players to invest in their trusty intergalactic steed, and feel the benefits of the upgrades as they take the helm and destroy their opponents will be a lot more exciting than just trying to outrun ships on a galactic map, as per the first three games.

But why stop with just space combat? Mass Effect 4 could feature space ship racing or maybe space trading could be factored in, giving players an extra element to master in the game. Ship combat would also make a great multiplayer element for the game and it could be the first step towards Mass Effect online, similar to GTA online, but set in a galaxy rather than a city.

So that’s my five ideas for Mass Effect 4, a game I am very excited for and will probably pre-order the minute I can. Do you agree or disagree with my ideas? What would you like to see in Mass Effect 4? Why not let me know in the comments section below.

Richard Archer is an Assistant Editor for PSU, when he's not being a full-time gamer, comic book nut, and Doctor Who fan.
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