The Best 100 Games Of the PS3 Generation

  • Posted November 28th, 2013 at 11:52 EDT by PSU Staff

40. Borderlands 2

Metacritic rating - 91

Building from the success of the original, Gearbox Games crafted not only one of the best narratives we've played this generation but one of the best FPS RPGs out there. With thousands of different guns to find and four player co-op, what is there not to like?

PSU review score 9.5 review HERE


39. Street Fighter 4

Metacritic rating - 94

Street Fighter 4 is a sublime reintroduction to a brilliant series, one that was celebrated by fans and adored by new players alike. Its lush graphics bring every fight to life and its competitive multiplayer keeps you coming back for more.

PSU score 9.5 review HERE


38. Dark Souls

Metacritic score - 89

Dark Souls is an incredibly addictive game and those who embrace it will most certainly end up living it. Its difficult challenges will leave you defeated and broken but overcoming those challenges will also net a level of satisfaction that only the most hardcore of games offer.

PSU score 9.5 review HERE.


37. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Metacritic score - 90

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is everything we wanted it to be and more. It doesn't just offer an epic single player campaign, but also introduces one of the most unique multiplayer compenents of this generation.

PSU score 9.5 review HERE


36. BioShock

Metacritic score - 94

Game of the Year. Immersive storyline. Incredible art direction. Stunning visuals. Unique gameplay. These are so many ways to praise 2K’s epic sci-fi adventure.

PSU score 9.5 review HERE

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