Sony's most unforgettable PS3-era E3 moments

Gabe Newell announces Portal 2 for PS3 (2010)

Valve’s Gabe Newell had a lot of bottle shuffling out on stage at Sony’s E3 2010 shindig. After all, up until that point the developer hadn’t had a lot of great things to say about PS3 -- in fact, he downright slagged it off numerous times to the press. Understandably, his appearance at the conference shocked those in attendance, especially when he revealed his reason for being there: announcing Portal 2 for PS3. This was massive news in itself -- after all, Portal’s pedigree speaks for itself - but Gabe didn’t stop there. Nope, he actually took the time to apologize for his harsh words about PS3, making it clear that Valve had embraced Sony's latest workhorse by supporting it with what would become one of last-gen's best titles.

Ken Levine embraces PS Vita, PS Move (2011)

BioShock father Ken Levine is yet another industry giant who used Sony's E3 stage to unveil his latest works, in this case, the shock announcement of a PS Vita entry in the BioShock series. Clearly swooning over Sony's then-new handheld, Levine also confessed that he had embraced the idea of motion control with the PS Move, and as such, confirmed the functionality would be included in BioShock: Infinite. As one of the most beloved game creators in the business, Levine's 2011 appearance had audiences fixated on his somewhat awkward but no less intriguing speech -- it's just a shame that nearly three years on, we've yet to see BioShock PS Vita on shelves.

The Last of Us drops jaws to the floor (2012)

Another winning moment for PS3 came from Naughty Dog’s real-time demo of post-apocalyptic adventure The Last of Us during Sony’s E3 2012 bash. Much like Uncharted, the title wowed audiences thanks to its impeccable visual quality, and up to that point was easily the best-looking PS3 game to date -- and many would argue that it still is today. Aside from its looks, Joel and Ellie’s gritty adventure demo also set tongues wagging due to its impressive AI and combat mechanics, with Naughty Dog showcasing a myriad of ways in which players are able to dispatch their foes as a team, with Ellie distracting them while Joel dished out the damage. The brutal conclusion, which sees Joel mercilessly slaying a bandit in close quarters with a Shotgun, was met with a massive round of applause. Needless to say, the game didn’t disappoint upon its release nearly a year later.

What's your most memorable E3 moments from the PS3 era? Give us a shout in the comments section below.

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