Here's what Sony needs to include in future PS4 updates

  • Posted February 7th, 2014 at 14:17 EDT by Adam Byrne

Miscellaneously under the hood

Like any launch system, there’s always going to be slight niggles that ultimately hinder a release from receiving unanimous applause, and as expected, the PS4 is no different. The glaring omission of DLNA, MP3 and flash support from the get-go has been a detriment to the PS4’s accessibility in many peoples’ eyes, and as a result there’s been many a call for Sony to remedy these shortcomings in the near future. Also, the ability to pause and resume downloads is another blatant oversight on the company’s part, which needs to be rectified post-haste. Interestingly, the PS4’s championed touchpad is - as of yet - criminally underused, in no way more so than as a cursor for the machine’s internet browser, which it was effectively born to do. 

Superficial tailoring

The PS4’s lush blue background and ethereal sound bites have been a relaxing breath of fresh air for many early adopters, but in order to cater to the benevolent masses, Sony will need to allow for new custom dynamic themes and wallpapers to fit specific moods and feelings. Atop of this, when the PS4’s game library grows larger it’ll become imperative that customised tile options are addressed so that players can organize their budding collection as they see fit.

Why can’t we be friends?

Sony has forever touted the PS4 as a socially-inclusive hub, but for whatever reason, has also conspicuously regressed on some of the common friend-type features found on the system’s predecessor. Players are now unable to see when a friend was last online, and perhaps most pertinently when one comes or goes on the system itself. The latter is most baffling as the necessity to get notifications when a friend comes online in order to communicate is a very real one and it’s beggars belief as to why Sony removed it in the first place; one thing’s for certain, though, we need it back pronto.

Well there you have it, just a few suggestions from the eager minds of the PSU collective, and we’re sure you’ll agree that many of the issues highlighted are wholly warranted whilst some others are perhaps wishful thinking. Even so, the PS4 has an incredible foundation on which to build upon, so it’s only matter of time until we see some eagerly-anticipated implementations. Fingers crossed anyway.

Special thanks to our forumites, PS4Freak, Sufi, Shingo, Fenix, xPSYCHOPATH410x, mistercrow, Crazystuff155 for their contributions.

What are you hoping to see in future PS4 updates? Give us your thoughts below.

Adam is a PSU editor and a recent English graduate of IADT in Ireland. When he’s not glued to the PlayStation or revelling in cheesy ‘80s action flicks you can find him talking nonsense on Twitter.
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