Stealth cloaking and equipment changes coming to DUST 514 in Uprising 1.8

  • Posted March 15th, 2014 at 06:16 EDT by PSU Staff

New Equipment Stats (click for larger images)

Time for my favorite part; the cloaking field. This piece of equipment renders the user almost completely invisible and is easiest to fit by Scouts which get a 15% reduction to PG/CPU cost per level with 75% at level 5. This was the long awaited buff Scouts were waiting for. Finally we could be invisible electronically and now physically which would give our role more meaning and options. There was just one problem; CCP's original design allowed a few shots to be fired before decloaking you. This appeared extremely OP to a large amount of the community including the CPM (Council of Planetary Management). The change even had me--a dedicated Minja (Minmatar Scout typically wielding Nova Knifes)--second guessing the balance of scouts with the cloak. After much feedback from the community CCP changed the cloak to be more balanced.

CCP Remnant summarised the updated design in the blog:

- The cloak field is a piece of equipment.
- When the cloak field is selected, the cortex is raised and you press fire to activate it.
- Once activated, the cortex remains on-screen. Switching to any other equipment, weapon or throwing a grenade will deactivate the cloak.
- The amount of cloak "shimmer" is increased as you move. When standing still you will be invisible, but when moving you will be noticeable to an extent. While cloaked, you will have no chevron or health bars, but the enemy reticule will flash red if you run past it.
- When in use, the cloak field’s energy depletes slowly over time.
- Cloak can be manually deactivated by pressing fire or switching to a different piece of equipment or a weapon.
- Once deactivated or the cloak field runs out of energy it will start to recharge.
- You cannot reactivate the cloak field unless you have at least 50% charge.
- You can only fit one cloak field at a time.
- You do not decloak when hacking an objective or vehicle.
- You do not decloak when jumping or falling.
- If shot while cloaked, hit VFX will still be displayed.
- When cloaking and decloaking noticeable VFX are played.

Check out the pics and animated gif on the following page to 'see it in action'

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