War Thunder PS4: 5 awful newbie tactics

(continued from previous page) ...dogfight with the more dexterous single-engine planes and come out on top. It’s all about knowing your advantages and disadvantages, and applying them to a given situation. If you are in a plane that excels at turning, then a dogfight is a good idea; if not, gain some altitude and dive down on them without getting into a turning battle.


One of the biggest pet peeves War Thunder players have - and justifiably so - is the application of friendly fire. Sadly, Arcade Mode is full of unsympathetic pilots who are determined to put down an enemy plane regardless of who may happen to be in their line of sight -- even if it happens to be a member of their own team. More than often, they’ll fire nonchalantly in the direction of an enemy plane, hitting friend and foe alike, without any regard for their own teammates. Failing that, they’ll ram you in mid-air in their tenacity and determination to get the kill. It’s a classic newbie trait, and results in you having to cough up completely unnecessary repair costs. As the old saying goes, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Got any other classic newbie pilot mistakes from War Thunder to share? If so, then let us know below, and read our review here.

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