DUST 514: Guide to the new dropsuits and roles of Uprising 1.8

  • Posted March 27th, 2014 at 18:38 EDT by Alex Locher

Medium frames 
Medium frames have more HP than light frames at the sacrifice of speed. The medium frame progresses into the Assault and Logistics roles.

Logistics specialisation - This is the support class of DUST 514--the "battery" that powers the squad. It sacrifices its sidearm slot for extra equipment slots, allowing it to bring a myriad of combinations of equipment to the field, including active scanners, drop uplinks, repair tools, proximity mines, remote explosives, nano hives to resupply ammo, and the nanite injector to revive fallen teammates (note: the Amarr suit keeps its sidearm slot). The way that you choose to play this class is full of options to facilitate and help your team’s victory. 

The role bonus is a 5% reduction to the CPU and PG costs of equipment. For the racial bonuses, Uprising 1.8 brought a deeper union between the lore of EVE and DUST 514 by changing the logistic racial bonuses to reflect proficiency with their own race’s tech. Specialising to level 5 in a suit will return the items performance to that seen up until Uprising 1.8. All logi suits get an inherent hack speed bonus of 15% with the exception of Minmatar which gets 5% extra.

Minmatar: +10% to repair tool range and +5% repair amount per level. The Minmatar logi is taking on the role of triage on the battlefield. Now that friendly HP bars are displayed when you are wielding the repair tool, being able to assess and prioritise who you heal on the battlefield is a lot easier. At higher levels you’ll be able to simultaneously heal two targets at distances of 20-30m. The suit also retains part of its pre-1.8 hacking bonus with an inherent 20% bonus.

Gallente: +10% to active scanner visibility duration and +5% scan precision. The Gallente logibro is now the all-seeing eye of the battlefield. His active scanner is now able to scan for longer and deeper, relaying the location of all but the most profile dampened scouts out there to his squad’s minimap. For squads who don’t want to fall prey to a cloaked scout this suit will be extremely valuable as the direct counter to stealth tactics. 

Caldari: +10% nano hive max. nanites , +5% supply rate and repair amount. The Caldari logi is now the master of choke point support. With augmented Nanohives that resupply players’ ammo and/or health at a faster rate they are able to feed the team what it needs when contending for a certain objective or zone on the map. 

Amarr: +10% reduction to drop link spawn time, +2 spawn count. The Amarr will now be best at creating rapid waves of opportunity for their team by facilitating faster redeployment into battle. Uprising 1.8’s nerf to the Uplink was to alleviate equipment spam and to return some of the tactical benefit of controlling the installation spawn units, but this suit has the power to keep your front line strong wherever it chooses.

Assault specialisation - This role adheres to your typical assault archetype: it’s the all-round combat operative best suited to making the initial breach. Naturally it’s the middle ground in eHP and mobility between light and heavy frames. The racial bonuses generally make up for the weapon classes main drawbacks making them more effective when in the hands of the right suit. It has a light and sidearm weapon slot, grenade slot and an equipment slot.

The role bonus is 5% reduction to the CPU and PG fitting costs of weapons per level. 

Minmatar: +5% to projectile light/sidearm clips. The Minmatar assault gets up to 25% increase to the ammo capacity of the Combat Rifle and the SMG, allowing this suit to deal more damage before reloading is necessary. 

Gallente: +5% reduction to hybrid-blaster light/sidearm hip-fire dispersion and kick per level. This bonus applies to the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Plasma Cannon and the Ion Pistol and gives more accucare fire without the need of iron sights. 

Caldari: +5% to reload speed of hybrid railgun light/sidearm weapons per level. The Caldari battle mantra is to stop the enemy at range before it gets close enough to be a problem. With 25% faster reload speed, the Caldari assault is able to keep the enemy pressed back, affording them a shorter window to advance or break cover. 

Amarr: 5% reduction to laser weaponry heat build-up per level. Amarr use laser weaponry that has a habit of heating up quickly, and if its usage isn’t carefully regulated, it can overload doing damage to the wielder. This bonus reduces that heat build up so that such weaponry can be used for longer; this bonus is especially useful for the Laser Rifle as its damage output increases with the firing duration. 

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