Fez PS4 Review - ''a dimension-shifting triumph''

  • Posted March 28th, 2014 at 12:42 EDT by Adam Byrne

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Fez is a resounding success, marrying a stunning score, innovative gameplay and a gorgeous art direction into a complete interwoven package. Little Gomez's journey is one of discovery and wonder and should rightfully find its home on PlayStation 4's across the land.

We like

  • Near-masterful score.
  • Refreshing gameplay mechanics.
  • Art style is top notch.

We dislike

  • Map can be finicky initially.
  • Some may decry lack of direction.
  • Language system can be daunting.

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The branch-out map that links everything together (accessible with a jab of the touchpad) can seem a little finicky initially, too. And it does little to waver the effort expended having to traverse from one side of the space-like plain to the other. The intricacies of the scheme do reveal themselves in time, but it just seems a little hit-and-miss at first. Also, for the most part, players are very much left to their own devices in this weird and wonderful world - it’s something that a lot may embrace and find liberating, whilst others may decry the lack of a cohesive direction. Despite its simplicity, Fez’s gameplay never feels monotonous or one-dimensional (apologies for that one), the variety of puzzles and the way in which you can approach them shifts before any tasks become too laborious. There can, of course, be times when a particularly tricky puzzle will have you scratching your head for longer than you had have hoped but the satisfaction in completion is one of complete and utter joy. The second half of the game does entrust itself a lot more around deciphering the cryptic language of the world and it could prove disheartening for players who – up until that point – have yet to master its intricacy.

For suitors of Polytron Corporation’s puzzle platformer, Gomez’s intrepid journey will comprise of moments; small, succinct memories that will stick in the minds for sometime. This may involve happening across a secret waterfall chamber containing a myriad of fantastical 8-bit colouring complete with musically pulsating blocks, or even salvaging a bunch of baffled owls to stand tall in front of their giant rotating father-esque figure. The symbiotic bond between these moments and the music afforded to each cannot be understated. The latter elicits comparisons with the likes of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis and works in near-perfect synchronicity to whatever the underlying theme of the particular area happens to be, making the whole experience one of poignant, joyous discovery.

At its heart, Fez is a title chock-full with budding imagination and brimming with a fantastically-realized world ready to be scaled, traversed and tackled. Little Gomez’s journey is one of sincerity and discovery, with enough innovation and dimension-shifts to bring a smile to anyone who decides to takes the plunge. So, pick up a controller, source a fez in whatever way possible and become enveloped in the mesmerizing world that the game so readily presents. You won’t regret it.

Adam is a PSU editor and a recent English graduate of IADT in Ireland. When he’s not glued to the PlayStation or revelling in cheesy ‘80s action flicks you can find him talking nonsense on Twitter.
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