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Killzone 2 Interview - Dirk Boer, Technical Artist

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Guerrilla Games is still giving us information on their heavily anticipated Killzone 2. Here’s a new interview up with Killzone 2 technical Artist, Dirk Boer from

Dirk describes his very demanding job as a Technical Artist. He describes how his job description fits in the between Art and Code. Furthermore, he states that the title has very broad responsibilities such as: creating tools for artists, working on characters, and adding objects to the game. All of these different responsibilities are "perks" according to Dirk, who loves contributing to many different areas of the project.

He describes how he focuses all his efforts into optimising the workflow and pipeline for the Enviroment Artists. From this, they create tools that such artists can use to further ease the workload that comes with creating the highly detailed environments that were seen in the latest trailer's debut. As a result, a highly immersive and realistic experience comes to fruition.

The trailer's detail to not only environments, but also every other aspect in the frame deem the game quite impressive.

PSU can't wait to experience the richness in the graphics next year for Killzone 2, and we look forward to the fight against the Helghast in 2008.

Here is transcript from the interview:

"Twice a month, we interview a Guerrilla employee about the Killzone franchise, working at Guerrilla, and game development in general. This month, we convince technical artist Dirk Boer to do an interview in exchange for free noodles.

Please tell us a little bit about your role at Guerrilla Games.

As a Technical Artist, I work in the middle between Art and Code. The job description for a Technical Artist is very broad: creating tools for artists, rigging characters, and putting interactive game-objects into the game. It's very nice that you are able to do so many different things every day as a technical artist!

What areas within your role are you most focused on at present?

Currently, I'm working on Killzone 2, optimising the workflow and pipeline for the Enviroment Artists. Because the creation of the highly detailed enviroments takes a lot of work, we try to make tools so the artists can focus on the creative process, instead of technical difficulties.

How deeply involved were you with Killzone: Liberation?

I started out on the preproduction team of Killzone: Liberation. Because of the small team size at that stage, I helped out with a lot of different tasks; scripting and rigging, as well as particle effects and 3D modeling. When we started full production I mainly focused on two things: creating tools for the artists, and polishing the cutscenes – adding dust, explosions, light flares, et cetera.

How do you feel about the way that Killzone: Liberation was received by the public and press?

I think we pulled off a very good game. And after so much effort, it was really cool to see that this opinion was shared by most of the press and public.

Which aspect of Killzone: Liberation do you feel most surpassed your expectations?

That’s the multiplayer mode, of course! We had a lot of fun 'testing' the multiplayer mode during production time. By default we started a game after lunch, and it was hilarious to hear colleagues cry out in frustration when yet another rocket hit them in the ass!

If you were responsible for a sequel to Killzone: Liberation which feature would you most like to see changed or added?

Er... Tough one! That would probably be an additional feature for the multiplayer mode. Maybe it would be cool to have a mission-based multiplayer mode?

Which Killzone: Liberation level did you enjoy the most?

I really like mission 4-1; it's a lot of fun to play when your buddy is equipped with a crossbow.

Which Killzone Universe character is your favourite and do you think we’ll be seeing more of them in the future?

That’s Colonel Cobar. He performed great in the cutscenes, with his scratchy/robotic voice! The contrast with the voices of Templar and Metrac worked especially well. I’m afraid we won’t see him back, tough.

Please complete the following sentence: "When I’m working late, my favorite meal to grab at the office is…"
...Noodles! It just seems a little more healthy than having (yet another) pizza."