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Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale developer talks digital distribution, co-op, and gameplay

on 17 March 2011

The PlayStation Network offers a wealth of content at the click of the controller. Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale will be the first digital download release in the franchise, and we recently had a chance to ask developer Bedlam Games some questions about the choice to go digital for a D&D game, and if all the action-oriented combat comes at the cost of RPG depth.

“Digital distribution allows us to get the content out to gamers quicker, bypassing the manufacturing and shipping processes, which allows for more development time where it’s better served,” said Zandro Chan, creative director for Daggerdale. “Downloadable games are currently on the upswing, with many premium titles being released and many well known franchises making their way over.”

Chan said players will be surprised with how much content is crammed into Daggerdale. That content include a pick-up-and play combat system, which will act like a brawler, Chan said. It needed to be responsive and at the same time feel satisfying as you cut, shoot and blast through hordes of evil creatures. Players can perform attack combinations, linking their melee, ranged and magic attacks together. When playing in groups, players can gain the advantage by choosing characters and attacks that complement each other on the team.”

Daggerdale lets you play as a dwarven cleric, an elven rogue, a halfling wizard, and a human fighter. The characters have their own style and strategies. The game takes place, for the first time ever, in Dalelands of the Forgotten Realms universe. There is peace in Daggerdale until Zhentarim returns. “We feel very lucky that we can break new ground and have our adventure set in the unfettered landscape of Daggerdale and fans of Forgotten Realms will not want to miss this,” Chan said.

The game features hack ‘n’ slash action with deep character development and customization. Chan said we can expect an “intricate looting system that allows for frequent micro rewards, keeping the player momentum moving forward.”

“Players will take quests, make allies, and develop their abilities as they adventure through the world; these actions are all linked together by the moment-to-moment gameplay,” Chan said. “Having strong mechanics makes every moment a blast to play through, making combat fun rather than a means to an end.”

The game features solo and local and online co-op. You can join parties of four characters online and players can drop in and out at any time. The game will scale difficulty dynamically based on the group makeup.

“Dungeons and Dragons at its core is all about social interaction and playing together with friends,” Chan said. “Those that party together will face larger and tougher groups of monsters, increased challenges and additional looting opportunities, such as increased chances for more powerful rare items.”

The game is slated for release this spring.