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PSU returns to E3, our show within a show

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on 3 June 2011

Your friendly North American staff here at PSU are heading to E3 this year to give you as much previews, news, interviews, and general enjoyment as we can muster. After a year off from the gaming industry’s super bowl, PSU is making its triumphant return to Los Angeles to give our loyal community a look at what you’ll be spending your cash on for the rest of 2011 and beyond.

We are not stopping at traditional E3 coverage. Sure, we have a completely booked schedule, visiting as many booths as is humanly possible for such a small team, but we plan to give our coverage the PSU twist our community deserves.

So what exactly does that mean? For the first time our community can virtually meet and interact with the PSU staff. We plan to host nightly webcasts to talk about what we played earlier in the day, talk about the actual show, the booth babes, what’s in store the next day, and maybe crack a few fart jokes. But overall, our mission is to give our community a chance to ask us questions and tell us what they want to see or hear about. As this is the first time we’ll undertake such an endeavor, we must be mindful that we cannot predict our hotel’s internet connection, so we’ll keep you updated early next week. The worst case scenario, we’ll record a video each night, troll through the forums to see what everyone is talking about, and upload the video chat for you to enjoy in the morning.

When we say we have a packed schedule, we are not kidding. Of course we are going to see Sony Computer Entertainment American, Sony Online Entertainment, EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Konami, Activision, Bethesda, Square Enix, Codemasters, Atari, Disney, and THQ. But we are also checking out some cool accessories, PSN titles, and some things we cannot talk about (mostly because everyone needs to keep some secrets).

Our coverage begins Monday, so make sure you stop back early to catch the buzz. I’m sure you are all excited to see what E3 brings this year. We’ll probably find more NGP details and maybe a few unannounced PlayStation 3 games. So what do you want to hear about? Now is the perfect time to leave a comment below to tell the team exactly what you are most excited to hear about. See you soon!