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PS Vita troubleshooting tips #1 - Blue flashing light of death

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on 12 March 2012

According to the PS Vita manual, a blue flashing light indicates that the user has just inserted a disc or is in the process of ejecting a disc, but it can also crop up as a technical error, preventing users from turning the hand-held on or off.

The good news is that if the PlayStation Home button on your unit does continuously flash blue, and the screen goes blank so you can’t turn PS Vita on or off, there is a quick solution. In fact, the “Blue Flashing Light Of Death’ doesn't actually kill your PS Vita. Users can breathe life back into the unit by following these simple steps. 

1. Hold down the power on/off button for approximately 30 seconds.

2. Wait for a menu screen to appear that shows you the following options:
- Restart the PS Vita system
- Rebuild Database
- Format Memory Card
- Restore the PS Vita system
- Update System Sofware

3. Choose Restart the PS Vita system
- The system should now restart with no problems


Is this becoming a frequent issue? 
We’ve experienced the blue flashing light during a play session on Unit 13,when the PS Vita froze and then black-screened. Each time we got to a certain point in a particular mission it would repeat the problem.

We deleted the game and downloaded it again from the PlayStation Store. This fixed the ongoing issue.

If the following steps do not fix your unit, contact Sony’s customer support.