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Speculation: Solidus Snake, Sunny to appear in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?

on 1 May 2012

First, Konami teased us with a rather puzzling trailer promising a reveal for today, April 30. Then, we found out the reveal was actually another trailer.

As it goes, many of us here at PSU are die-hard Metal Gear fans. Naturally, we couldn’t help but speculate our eyes out over this new trailer. It ended up in us breaking down the trailer frame by frame, and coming across a few interesting discoveries.

We’ve watched the trailer over, and over; here’s what we’ve assessed: 

 - The scientists seen at the beginning are extracting data from Raiden’s arm. This results in a series of flashbacks from Raiden’s past.

 - The latter part of the trailer shows a young Jack (A.K.A. Raiden) being injected with something (we believe these are nanomachines), and prepped for an assignment. We’re led to believe this is when the boy was adopted by Solidus Snake – who killed Jack’s parents – for training in the late 1980’s.

 - The man holding the knife, telling Jack that he’ll “never be the same,” is voiced by John Cygan, who plays Solidus Snake in the Metal Gear games. Although you don’t see his face, we’re positive that this is indeed Solidus.

 - The trailer ends as Raiden is about to go through “optical implant” surgery. Seeing as this trailer is named “Arm,” this’ll likely lead to another trailer, and a whole new set of flashbacks.

We realize that Solidus Snake has been canonically dead since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. However, hasn’t Big Boss died a few times already? Just saying – the Metal Gear series isn’t the best at keeping characters dead. 

Now, why do we think that Sunny will make a return in Rising?

Quinton Flynn, Raiden’s voice actor, recently tweeted that he worked with John Cygan (Solidus), Benito Martinez (unknown), and last but not least, Cristina Pucelli, who voiced the young Sunny in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Flynn also states that the voice acting sessions were under the direction of Kris Zimmerman, who directed the English voice overs for the Metal Gear Solid series.

It seems like some of the ol’ gang are being reunited, but, does this mean that we can expect Solidus and Sunny to return in Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance?

Maybe. We can’t say for sure yet, however, you can bet that we’ll keep on speculating until all is revealed.