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PS2 HD Collections we NEED to see (Part 2)

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on 9 May 2012

In our second article exploring the HD Collections we’d like to see made available on PlayStation 3, looks at potential offerings from two top-tier developers: Level-5 and Rockstar Games.

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Level 5

If you’re a RPG fanatic, then you’ve most likely heard of Level 5. This venerable Japanese developer has been responsible for titles such as Rogue Galaxy for the PlayStation 2 and White Knight Chronicles for the PlayStation 3. In addition, they also came up with the critically acclaimed Professor Layton games on the Nintendo DS and 3DS, though it's their first project, Dark Cloud, that really sticks out in our minds.

Dark Cloud HD Collection: Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2

The Dark Cloud series takes the form of compelling, sprawling adventures featuring a distinct and vibrant art style. The very first Dark Cloud featured a hero named Toan who sets out to save the world from a dastardly genie-like being, while its follow-up flipped between two playable characters, namely a young boy and his female companion. One of the quirks that set Dark Cloud apart from its contemporaries is the rebuilding towns and items. In both games the player battles through dungeons such as castles or even caves to find materials required to rebuild places. Life outside fighting monsters focuses on piecing together towns and satisfying civilians by completing their requests. Like most RPGs, Dark Cloud tells a great story, whether it entails time traveling or fighting a giant bunny rabbit turned evil, the plot has always been emotional and captivating.  Having these two tales on Blu-ray not only services those who have not played them, but gives existing fans a chance to experience the games again in shiny high-definition visuals.


Rockstar is a huge studio known for controversial titles such as Bully and Manhunt. This current generation of video game consoles saw them continue their critical and commercial success with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire. Most, if not all, of their projects contain mature content such as strong language, suggestive themes, and bloody violence. Out of all their endeavours though, Grand Theft Auto is arguably the biggest of Rockstar’s properties. The games offer a sprawling sandbox to explore packed full of activities and missions, while the visuals set a benchmark back in the PS2 days for the sheer amount of detail thrown on screen. As such, they make the perfect candidate for a HD revamp, and we’d love to see them remastered for PS3.

Grand Theft Auto HD Collection: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto series entails the player assuming the role an ambitious lowlife looking to rise through the ranks by completing various missions. These missions or requests are given by everyone from higher ups in the mafia, the Chinese triad, to even a bizarre voodoo woman. Of course, there are also side quests available that do not advance the plot, but add to the rampage nonetheless. Some odd favors require “packing heat,” and as such player can various firearms and other devastating weapons, from Shotguns to Baseball Bats. In San Andreas, the character can be customized to a T; you can change his hair, clothes, shoes, and even his physical traits to your liking. Naturally, stealing vehicles is instrumental in achieving your goals, and has been since the series’ inception as a top-down adventure in the mid-90s. Like that red car? Just walk up to the door, throw the driver out, and bob's your uncle. The same procedure is used for motorcycles and scooters, though we don’t recommend doing it to a cop car. Needless to say, the PS2’s three GTA games would make for a superb HD collection.  Aside from the obvious appeal of a visual makeover, the games offer considerable bang for your buck, offering hundreds of hours worth of gameplay between the three titles. If there’s any HD Collection we’d part with our cash for, it’d definitely be this. 

To be continued . . .

Article by Shawnee Lee