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Max Payne 3 multiplayer tips

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on 17 May 2012

If you've jumped into a team deathmatch on Max Payne 3 not really knowing what you're doing and got your ass well and truly spanked you may well have searched for a multiplayer guide with a few tips to get you started.

We've compiled five tactics that should help beginners stay on their feet for more than a few seconds at a time.

Without further ado...

1. Keep an eye on the mini-map. It’s quite tempting to just run around like a headless chicken spraying bullets like Al Pacino in Scarface, but it’s not a tactic you should regular use unless you’re a headshot ninja. Cover spots are there for a reason so use them. Your opposition will often follow a familiar pattern, heading down the same corridors and through the same doors from their spawn point toward you. Make a mental note of which areas they consistently use and then park up behind cover with a clear view of that section of the map or doorway/corridor that leads there. You’ll immediately have the advantage and, if they’re not keeping an eye on their mini-map, you'll be able to take them by surprise

2. Use grenades (LB). On some of the smaller maps, grenades are crucial in gaining the upper-hand. You’ll start off with two grenades so using them wisely is all about keeping an eye on the map and enemy activity. You don’t really want to waste a grenade on taking down one enemy, so look for groups of two or more. By watching the mini-map you can see what pathway they’re taking and throw a timely grenade as they appear around or corner or emerge from a doorway. It’s usually safer to throw grenades from cover otherwise you’ll be vulnerable for a few seconds, which gives anyone nearby the chance to mow you down.


3. Don’t get too isolated from your team-mates (unless playing Deathmatch, of course). Going it alone is a sure fire way to die and tip the battle in favour of the other team. Keep in a pack of two or more and you’ll improve your odds. However, don’t stick too close to team-mates, just keep them in eye-shot, otherwise one grenade can take you out. Always aim for the head and don't forget to use Bullet-time to slow things down if they're moving too quickly.

4. Loot bodies. Holding down ‘O’ next to a dead enemy allows you to loot their body for cash, an XP boost and painkillers. You're health regenerates slowly over time, so using painkillers is far more efficient. Check the mini-map for enemies nearby before you loot as it takes a few seconds to grab the booty so during that time you’re totally vulnerable. Cash gives you access to better weapons, items and avatar unlocks.

5. Create a Vendetta. Once a player has killed you two times in a row you have the opportunity to place a Vendetta on their heads. You initiate the Vendetta on the screen that pops up when you die – look out for the prompt in the corner. Kill that player before they kill you and you’ll gain extra XP. XP is crucially important as it allows you access better weapons and items, such as Flashbangs and Booby traps as you level up. Also, watch out for a Vendetta placed on your head. If you kill that person before they kill you, you’ll also get the XP boost.

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