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3 entertaining things to do in PlayStation Home during the PSN outage

on 14 June 2012

We understand PSN is being fixed and access to the PlayStation Store and account management should be restored shortly, but while you’re waiting it’s a good time to revisit PlayStation Home if you haven’t delved into the virtual world for a while.

Here are 3 things that are worth doing right now:

Check out the Dust 514 Home Space. You’ll find it under “New and recommended.” There’s videos and game information about CCP Games’ MMO shooter, but there’s also a mini-game called Sway to get stuck into. You can also grab yourselves a beta key from here by following these instructions. See you in the multiplayer arena. We’ll be the ones kicking your ass.

Catch up on everything that happened at E3. E3 2012 was mega for Sony. There was The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, PlayStation Vita announcements and much more.  You can check out the press conference if you missed it and watch game trailers.

Win tons of items at The Casino: Concourse. You can download this from the menu screen when you boot up PlayStation Home. There’s Blackjack, Poker, Slots and competitions to try out. This a good way to soak up a few hours and you might unlock some sweet items for your avatar or objects for your pad.

Stay tuned to PSU.com for updates about the outage.