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Ratchet & Clank 10th Anniversary: Create a weapon competition

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on 27 June 2012

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. There were some great entries. The winner receives a copy of the game and an exclusive Ratchet Sackboy keyring. The runners-up will all receive a keyring.

First - TheHurrikane

Weapon Creation - The Vineater Glove
The Vineater Glove is truly a spectacular creation. The Vineater Glove is filled with the DNA of a creature called a 'Vineater'. The Vineater is an exceptionally rare creature from Planet Florana. It is a huge Venus Flytrap creature with powerful legs so it can run very fast and it's arms are made up of sturdy vines which it uses to whip out at it's prey to tangle them and then lures them in for it's meal (It is also useful to use a Vineater when there are flying enemies around). It can eat both 'squishies' such as a Lombax we all know and love, and mechanical beings such as the devious Dr. Nefarious as it has razor sharp teeth and a powerful jaw.

Ratchet can upgrade his Vineater Glove by throwing out a Vineater and letting it cause chaos among it's enemies by chomping them up. The Vineater starts off as a baby when Ratchet first aquires the Glove but as it levels up, the Vineater will grow bigger and stronger until it reaches it's adult form.

Runner-up – Cdn_Cuda

Sausauge Shotgun
The Sausage Shotgun! Shoots sausage at enemies who eventually become so stuffed with sausages they expire/explode/passed out from being stuffed/succomb to their sausage related injuries... Goes perfectly the them of their titles too!

Runner-up -  Toon Assassin

The sharkatron 
it’s a squirt gun that fires puddles of water that act like traps. When an enemy steps into the puddle a jaws like shark snap up out of the puddle to swallow small foes or damage large ones


Over the past 10 years, platforming icons Ratchet & Clank have etched their names into videogame history and are now instantly recognisable characters among the PlayStation-loving masses.

With California-based Insomniac Games (*1) working hard to create a unique gameplay experience, the space travelling duo quickly established themselves as PlayStation 2 regulars and the series soon became known for its fun-filled action platforming, introducing an array of over-the-top weapons and high-tech gadgets, while enriching the experience with an RPG-inspired system allowing players to buy a vast amount of items and weapons.

The popularity of the first game in the series in 2002 led Insomniac to produce another three games in consecutive years on PS2, including Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, each evolving over the last by adding many new features, while introducing new environments, crazier weapons, and a wider selection of vehicles

By the time the Future Trilogy arrived on PS3 with Tools Of Destruction, Quest For Booty and A Crack In Time, the brains at Insomniac were in overdrive and a brand new set of weapons were introduced to compliment the impressive re-styling of the Metropolis universe, which was built totally from scratch to take advantage of the power of the new console. 


Other games in the series that have helped to establish Ratchet & Clank as PlayStation heroes include Size Matters and All-4-One, with every single one of the 11 games released to date focusing on entertaining fans of the genre with its loveable game world, funny stories and impressive level design.

Ask fans of the franchise what they love best about Ratchet & Clank and many will talk about the vast weapon variety and the fun that can be found experimenting with the likes of the Quack-O-Ray, which can turn enemies into ducks, or the Suck Cannon, used for sucking up enemies and crates and then spitting them back at an unsuspecting foe.

The competition

To celebrate this 10th anniversary year, we want you to come up with an idea  for a new weapon that would fit into the Ratchet & Clank series perfectly. The winner with the best answer will be notified shortly after the closing date of July 7 and will receive a copy of Ratchet & Clank HD Collection and an exclusive Ratchet Sackboy keyring. Two runners-up will also receive a key-ring. (*2)

You can post your answer below or in the community forums.

The HD Collection is released on June 29, and includes the three original games, Ratchet & Clank, Going Commando and Up The Arsenal. All games have been remastered in HD and streamlined for higher frame rates on PS3. The HD Collection also features full trophy support.


If you’re not lucky enough to win the competition and want to find out why these three games achieved rankings of 89, 90 and 91 percent respectively on review aggregation site Metacritic, then you can buy it now on Zavvi, or at other online retailers.

* (1) The PSP games in the series were created by High Impact Games
* (2) Note: the competition is open to UK readers only. The decision on the winner is final and will be judged by a panel of PlayStation Universe staff.