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Here's some of PS3's easiest Platinum Trophy games

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on 13 July 2012

PSU Towers is quite partial to a spot of Trophy collecting; just ask our resident Trophy whore Don Oliveira. If you’re anything like us, then you relish at the chance to bolster your collection of digital rewards, and hearing that delicate ‘ping’ as you’re the notification pops up on screen is about as satisfying as it gets. Trophies aren’t just a way of logging your gaming accomplishments; they’re an open door to bragging rights, a means of proof of your DualShock 3 dexterity and knowing you’ve ploughed through a game all the way to the 100% ratio. And then there’s the challenge – which in many ways makes the pain all the more rewarding.

However, sometimes, don’t you just get sick of the Trophy grind? Ever feel like that Platinum is looking more distant by the second? Do you crave the chance just to relax and hoover up some care-free Trophies? Then you could be in luck. has decided to cobble together a quick list of some of the easiest Trophies known to mankind.

If you’re looking for an easy way to bolster your collection, then take a punt on some of these games.

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Megamind Ultimate Showdown

While you could argue the toss on a few of the games on our list, Megamind is an absolute must-have if you are looking for an easy Platinum. In fact, the game is such a breeze that you should be able to scoop up that shiny award in around three hours, possibly less. Sure, the Megamind isn’t exactly all that enjoyable, but since it barely offers even a modicum of a challenge you should be able to stand ploughing through the title without too much hassle to claim your prize. Your biggest threat is defeating a boss without dying, but to be honest, you’ll have more problems wrestling with the poor controls than succumbing to your enemy’s attacks.

Terminator Salvation

Yes, another poor-quality release, but you didn’t expect to be nabbing a Platinum in a few hours on the likes of Uncharted 3, did you? This movie tie-in is an exercise in sheer monotony, with generic enemy types assaulting your sense every few seconds, though fortunately, the Platinum is one of the easiest you’ll come across. Simply put, turn up the difficulty setting to hard mode, and you’ll come away with your reward fairly sharpish, around ~5 hours. Can’t be bad, can it?

Trine 2

Not only is Trine 2 another relatively easy Platinum, but the game is actually one of the finest PSN titles to grace Sony’s black box to date. As such, locking that shiny Platinum isn’t so much of a chore in this but an experience, letting you add to your collection of Trophies while tucking into a mighty fine game. Like many of the titles in our list, this can be achieved in a surprisingly short amount of time, clocking in at just over three hours. In addition to that, you won’t actually need to complete the game fully to unlock the Platinum; many users have reported nabbing their Trophy around chapter 7.

Burnout Paradise

You’d think that unlocking a Platinum Trophy in a racing game would prove an arduous and long-winded affair – just look at Gran Turismo 5, for example. Fortunately, Criterion’s Burnout Paradise is probably the easiest racer to Platinum, and one of the simplest to boot. Why? Well, because you only have to complete around 70 per cent of the game to get all Trophies in the game – including the coveted Platinum. In addition, some of the Trophies are ridiculously simple to bag, such as one that requires you to invite a mate into an online game. Even if they don’t accept, you’ve still bagged the award. Oh, and the game absolutely rocks too, further adding to your enjoyment of the task. As those lovable meerkats say in the advert, “Simples!”.

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

Another no-thrills Platinum, this one, and while longer than the others listed here, shouldn’t take more than 10 hours. You should be able to get your mitts on the Platinum after brawling your way through both the Wrestlemania Tour and Legend Killer modes, which can be completed on any difficulty level to boot. The game itself contains only 20 Trophies, so it shouldn’t prove too much of a problem.

What games have you managed to Platinum without too much trouble, PSU readers? Let us know in the comments section below!