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PSN Sneak Peek: Chinatown Wars comes to PS Vita

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on 28 July 2012

Every Tuesday, a plethora of new digital goodness drops on the North American PlayStation Store. But you don't have to wait 'til then to find out what you're getting! Look no further than our PSN Sneak Peek - a glimpse of the future, courtesy of your friends here at

This week's PS Store update brings a much-loved open-world classic to PS Vita in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Rockstar Games has been giving plenty of support to PlayStation gamers lately; what impact could this have on the release of Grand Theft Auto V?

Confirmed PS3 Games

The Expendables 2

Four Expendables (Barney, Gunner, Caesar and Yin Yang) are hired to rescue an extremely valuable, kidnapped Chinese billionaire. It’s all business, until all hell breaks loose and the explosive mix of testosterone and kerosene detonates in a massive fireball that never lets up as the relentless action concludes where the new movie begins.

The Expendables 2 videogame is a way for fans to experience all of their favorite explosive moments, as their favorite stars, in 4-Player Co-op action.

Ridge Racer Unbounded

DRIVE HARD, CREATE ANYTHING, DESTROY EVERYTHING RIDGE RACER® Unbounded™ adds an unexpected destructive dimension to the series, delivering an original blast of ferocious racing adrenaline. Join the Unbounded street racing gang and test your driving skills against rivals in every street and alley of Shatter Bay. Prove your worth behind the wheel to get respect and expand your turf. For endless race variety, use the simple but powerful City Creator to design amazing original tracks in minutes.

Sound Shapes - Pre-Order Available

Play, Compose and Share in a unique take on the classic side-scrolling platformer where your actions make the music.

Equal parts instrument and game, Sound ShapesTM gives everyone the ability to make music. Play through a unique campaign that fuses music and artwork into a classic 2D platformer, featuring artwork by Pixeljam, Capy, Superbrothers and more, with music by I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie and Deadmau5. Create your own unique musical levels with all of the campaign content and share with the world. Sound Shapes creates an ever-changing musical community for everyone to enjoy at home or on the go.


Confirmed PS2 Classics

Grand Theft Auto III

War of the Monsters


Confirmed PS Vita Games

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - now Vita compatible!

The Warriors - now Vita compatible!


Confirmed PSP Games

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time


Confirmed Demos

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Confirmed DLC

LittleBigPlanet 2 - Disney Princess costumes

Spec Ops: The Line - FUBAR Pack

Record of Agarest War 2 - Various DLC

Risen 2: Dark Waters - Various DLC

DC Universe Online - Various DLC