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Top 5 easiest Platinum Trophies for Vita

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on 2 August 2012

Ever since the inception of “Trophies” for PlayStation back in 2008, fans and enthusiasts of Sony’s gaming brand have been pledging allegiance to a Cell processor-powered black box; going as far as committing way too many life hours achieving 49 Platinum Trophies to date (psst... that's me).

But then, in late 2011, the PlayStation Vita graced the mobile scene by being the first dedicated gaming device to have ever incorporated an achievement-like system. The best part, being that you’re tied into your actual PlayStation Network (or Sony Entertainment Network?) account, gaining progress towards your overall Trophy Rank, while using your Vita. 

So I took the liberty of doing some research for the sake of finding out which Vita Platinum Trophies—the definitive fake reward—come the quickest. “Trophy Hunters” beware: you may immediately decide to play one of the following games.

And that’s not a bad thing, either; I wouldn’t list any games that I don’t think are worth playing. We “Trophy Whores” have standards, people--alright?

Top 5 Easiest Platinum Trophies for Vita 

1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Time Needed: ~20 hours
Difficulty (out of 5): 2
Released: Feb. 2012

If you have a Vita, chances are you’ve either played, owned, or even “Platinum’d” (I did not make up that term—promise) this game. If you haven’t, then that’s probably because you’re not a fan. This Platinum is easily attainable, albeit frustrating at times due to the Bounty system, and should be first on your list if you’re measuring game quality against Platinum difficulty.

2. MotorStorm RC

Time Needed: 15-20 hours
Difficulty (out of 5): 3
Released: Mar. 2012

This cute, lovable mini-cart racer was a surprise. Although a departure from the traditional MotorStorm game—usually involving way more impressive… everything—this downloadable Vita title has proven to be quite good. Gold-starring a race every now and then between—or during—bathroom breaks will eventually net you this Plat.

3. Resistance: Burning Skies

Time Needed: 10 hours
Difficulty (out of 5): 2
Released: May 2012

You may have been hesitant to jump into this one due to day-one backlash, but don’t be fooled; Burning Skies, in the eye of a Resistance and PlayStation fan, is a ride worth taking. You’ll almost have the platinum first time through, and you’ll have played, what might be, the last Resistance title we ever see.

4. Gravity Rush

Time Needed: 15 hours
Difficulty (out of 5): 3
Released: Jun. 2012

A fun aside from the usual gaming grind, Gravity Rush proves that developers can create fun, inspiring, and addictive gameplay elements using the Vita’s unique hardware functionality. It gets a little funky, but, trophies or not, should be checked out by any Vita owner. Searching the map for side-story might be a pain, though.

5. Plants vs. Zombies

Time Needed: ~25 hours
Difficulty (out of 5): 3
Released: Feb. 2012

Surprise, surprise—I bet you didn’t know that Plants vs. Zombies even had a Platinum Trophy. And if you did, you may have already considered playing this addictive “tower defense lite” game. It can take a while, but PvZ is something that gets its hooks into you, and sticks with you for a while.

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