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Lasombra Files Episode 5: Silence is Golden

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on 12 November 2012

Welcome to the Lasombra Files, PSU’s weekly hit program. Follow the story of Lasombra and V as they try to stay alive in Shadow City, unraveling its secrets, while at the same time shining the spotlight on trophy hunters around the world and in our community.


Rain drips into the cell from the storm brewing outside. The continuous dripping rhythm makes me wonder if I was sent back to ancient China and the cops wanted to perform Chinese water torture on me. V shadow boxes in the corner, not content to sit still after she snapped the knee of the drunk who wanted a feel. Let us just say no one is talking in Episode 5: Silence is Golden. The guard finally comes and tells us we were bailed out, staying out of hands reach of us. He tells me the Boss put up the money, as he locks the cell door behind us. “Can we go back inside?”

Disclaimer: This interview is reproduced as written by the interviewee with the exception of spelling and some grammar corrections. Pictures copyright of their artist/photographer/owner.

Name: Jay (xThAkIdJxYx)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Zoots as a Racker
Country: USA

Lasombra: When did you start gaming?

Kuro: I'd say when I was about 5-6 years old. I remember getting a N64 one Christmas day with Super Mario 64.

Lasombra: How did you choose your PSN name?

Kuro: It was a nickname I had in middle school I added x's in the front and end because I forgot my password and email I used for the original name

Lasombra: What motivated you to become a trophy hunter? What was your initial spark?

Kuro: It initially started out as me just playing through the game and then I thought "Let us go for more".

Lasombra: Are you a trophy hunter, platinum hunter, or a specific hunter? (Example: All GoW game hunter)

Kuro: I'd say I am a trophy hunter but not that crazy of one haha.

Lasombra: How many hours do you dedicate to trophy hunting?

Kuro: Not as much as I liked maybe an hour or two.

Lasombra: What motivates you to go for that next trophy? How do you stay motivated after a long gaming session, particularly with grinding trophies?

Kuro: I just think positive thoughts and psyche myself into it, that I'll pull through. I'm almost there. Just a bit more!

Lasombra: Have you ever gone through any burnout from your sessions?

Kuro: No I haven't gotten to that point yet. But I think it will happen someday.

Lasombra: What is your proudest platinum? Why? Was it your hardest?

Kuro: Infamous 2. Why? Because it's my only Platinum I got so far. It wasn't that hard just involved a bit of grinding here and there.

Lasombra: Do you have a trophy goal for the year? If so, how far are you along in it?

Kuro: Try to at least Platinum one or two more games I'm little over half way through like Gravity Rush.

Lasombra: Do you believe gamers should be allowed to make trophy hunting teams? Why or why not?

Kuro: If they want go right ahead. Help each other out!

Lasombra: Do you think Sony should create a world database with every user’s PSN trophy info for all to see? Why or why not?

Kuro: I think that would be cool to see how many trophies other people have and applaud their efforts.

Lasombra: What tips do you have for someone trying to reach the next level and going after a difficult platinum?

Kuro: Take your time. If you rush things you’re only going to frustrate yourself even more.

Lasombra: Regardless of the system, what pre-trophy game would you auto-buy if it was released on the PS3 with trophy support?

Kuro: Hmm, Final Fantasy V, VII, VIII, Persona 3, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Conflict Desert Storm, Conflict Desert Storm II:Back to Baghdad, Freedom Fighters.

Lasombra: Do you think the PS4 should continue having trophies or has trophies made gaming less enjoyable for people?

Kuro: I want them to continue to have trophies. It brings in more fun to the games.

Lasombra: PSN accounts have gone cross platform with the Vita. Do you think Sony should do the same with the PS4, or should it be a different system with a different ID to allow a fresh start?

Kuro: I would like to carry over my trophies and make it grow from there. I don't want to start all over again after putting in so much work and effort.

Lasombra: What kind of trophy do you think should be eliminated completely and why? (Example: Collectibles or Level Ups)

Kuro: The ones that involve multiplayer. For example, I tried to platinum "Medal of Honor." But I just couldn't do it because not that many people played, and I needed a few more multiplayer trophies and then beat the game on hard.

Lasombra: What is your opinion of trophy teams like Duck360, who openly say they are a team, and the impact they have for solo hunters?

Kuro: I never heard of them before so I wouldn't have an honest opinion of them

Lasombra: Trophies and Achievements are now an integrated part of the gaming experience. As a hunter you play for trophies. Other than trophies being removed completely, what would have to happen for you to just quit hunting altogether?

Kuro: If I lost interest in gaming entirely. But I don't think that will happen anytime soon!

Lasombra: Are any of your non-internet friends trophy hunters, or just normal gamers?

Kuro: Most of them are normal gamers but I do have some friends that are big in trophy hunting.

Lasombra: Do you think it is a mistake that Nintendo has no interest in integrating some sort of trophy or achievement system in the Wii U?

Kuro: Yeah it takes out the challenge and some of the replayability of the game.

A smashed up news van, threats of criminal charges for assaulting a police officer, and a drunk threatening to sue for emotional and physical damages; all in a day’s work for V and I. Somehow we still have a career, somehow, but what is even stranger is the lack of anger from the Boss. One time he made an intern defecate himself in a staff meeting from one of his legendary rants. The poor kid’s mistake? He forgot the cream and sugar. Find out if we’ll have to find some adult diapers in Episode 6: Chile Cook-Off. “So Boss, about that van, are we still getting our Christmas bonus this year? The Silent treatment, V. I think that intern got off easy.”

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