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Podcast Derailed - Episode 32 - Is it too late for the PS Vita?

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on 13 November 2012

Note: due to technical issues, we couldn’t get this episode up on time. It was supposed to go live last Friday, Nov. 9.

An extra-long episode brought to you by the Derailed crew out of love. And hate. Hate for some things, love for others.

Join Don, Mike, Tim and returning guest Chille (or Ben) as we do what we do best: try to stay on topic, fail, try to return to the original topic, fail again and start a new topic. This week we cover a plethora of news as well as reviews and games we’ve been playing. The long conversation this week is about the Vita; we love the PS Vita a lot... but has this handheld’s fate already been decided?

Enjoy Derailed!

This week's intro music: Gran Turismo 5 Soundtrack: Baby (Breakbot Remix)

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