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Zodmas 2012 Results Week 2

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on 17 December 2012

With this week having flown by, Zodmas is getting closer and closer to finishing. This insane giveaway only happens once per year. First I want to say congratulations to Metal Sonic for winning the bonus Zodmas giveaway last week and I will be announcing another one today.

This weeks winners walked away with a nice sum of money, Congratulations to the winners of Week 2

Day 1
Fenix £5
Day 2
Dave-The-Rave 3 Months PS+
Day 3
Silver_Knight £5
Day 4
Fenix £10
Day 5
Nitey $20
Day 6
AaronSoldier £5
Day 7
Dala £5

The rules will be changing slightly next week. From next Monday, if you win, you can't enter until the week after, though this resets the Monday after. This is because I want to make sure more different people win as this will be the last full week of Zodmas.

Now for the Bonus competition, fill in the missing word from the game title.

Playstation All _ _ _ _ _ Battle Royale

a. Stars
b. Moon
c. Crash Bandicoot

Good luck everyone,competition will end Friday 21st at midnight GMT, winner will get a £25 UK PSN card, to enter email me at or DM Chille. Thank you for your time, and I wish you all a merry zodmas