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5 mistakes Sony should avoid at PlayStation Meeting

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on 19 February 2013

We have to admit it, we’re getting a little nervous ahead of the PlayStation Meeting on Wednesday where 1,200 members of the press and public will pack the Hammerstein Ballroom to see Sony, quite possibly, unveil the PlayStation 4 to the world.

There’s been so much speculation, rumour and hype surrounding the PS4 that we’re trying to remain calm in case all our dreams don’t come true during the event, but truth is, we’ll be sorely disappointed if we don’t get some juicy details on Sony’s next-generation console this week.


Here’s five mistakes that we hope Sony will avoid at the PlayStation Meeting.

1. Calling it PlayStation Orbis
Please Sony, you won’t will you? You won’t ruin the logical number system in favour of a name that means absolutely nothing, would you? We want it to be called PlayStation 4, nothing else. We foresee millions of faces around the globe screwed up in total confusion if you announce our beloved next-gen console as Orbis. Even the Catholic Church barely uses Latin these days. Absolutely no-one will get it.

2. Announcing an extortionate PS4 launch price
Sony could well hold back this information until E3 or even later, but if it does announce a price it better make sure that the masses can afford it. In the U.K. in 2007, the price of the PS3 at launch was extortionate, approximately £425, with 20GB and 60GB models priced in the U.S. at $499 and $599 respectively. At its E3 press conference in 2006 the crowd almost fell off their seats in shock at the introductory price of the PS3. It took Sony a series of price revisions for the PS3 to take-off properly, but if it gets the PS4 price right at its first attempt then there could be no stopping its next-gen console.

3. Rambling on about the success of PS3
There’s nothing worse than a press conference where the host rambles on too long about company figures that the general public simply aren’t interested it. No doubt Sony will want to tell us how well the PlayStation 3 has sold, how many people are signed up to the PSN and a variety of other boring facts that don’t affect us, but it better put a time limit on this stuff otherwise toes are going to be tapping.

4. Holding back on the games
We need to see the games and how incredible they look on the PS4. Pull out all the stops, give us game announcements from first and third party developers, surprise us with some PS4 launch exclusives and show us half-a-dozen trailers that will make our mouths water. If we leave the show without seeing a handful of titles to whet our appetite we’ll be sorely disappointed.

5. Not showing the hardware
We have to see the hardware. Get it up on the big screen and show us what that baby looks like. Spend a good chunk of the show talking us through the hardware and showing it off from every angle. If we don’t see the PS4 hardware then we’ve wasted a trip to New York and millions of people watching the live stream will walk away feeling a little bit cheated.

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