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The PSU community sounds off on PlayStation 4

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on 23 February 2013

On the evening of Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal at the PlayStation Meeting, our very own forums exploded with activity. Gamers of every type and all walks of life descended on the PSU community to sound off on PS4 and join the raging Internet party. It was a brilliant time; you should've been here!

Three days later, the smoke has (somewhat) settled and PSU forum members are giving us their opinions of Sony's show and PS4. Was this Sony's best conference yet? Is PlayStation 4 everything we hoped and dreamed it would be? Let's hear from the best and biggest PlayStation community on the web:

DeviousOne: "What the PS4 is bringing to the table is impressive hardware wise however the most important thing it has brought is attention and excitement to the Playstation fan. As a long time PS fan I felt 18 watching the event live. I was so hype and enjoyed what I saw so far. PS3 has been SOLID no doubt and is the best gaming value in the market today. I can't help but feel PS4 is gonna be HUGE for sony, for ps fans and PSU! I'm so amped for a lot of things at E3 but Sony just made e3 that much better for me personally. Bring on the PS4! I'm ready"

ps3freak18: "The PS4 is bringing it! The event brought so much great news. Streaming games, Suspend/Resume, and Simultaneous play while downloading were some of the best features to me. Not to mention the Dual Shock 4 is the sexiest of the family! Sony went full bore in improving some of their downfalls from last generation. A great deal of this credit goes to the acquisition of Gaikai to bring about all these amazing features. Now the games...Simply put, wow! Killzone Shadow Fall took the show by storm! The visuals were amazing and for it to be so early this looks like it is going to be a whirl of a generation for the PS4! Bring it on Sony!"

SHAZZMAZZ: "I think the PS4 is going to so good the xbox will lose again. And i cant wait to get the PS4."

Sir_Scud: "I think Sony was smart in not showing too much, even though I wish they did. They were able to reveal enough to get you talking, but not enough to know they haven't shown all the cards in their hand. The highlights for me were the play while downloading a game, and the Killzone reveal. The sense of scope and more to come from Killzone is going to be amazing!"

claud3: "It was an all round epic event and a truly amazing testament to what this PSU FORUM and FRONT page can achieve and what we love about this place... They achieved what we expect and poured PIXIE DUST of magic over us for more enjoyment to come"

(Cheers, claud3!)

sosovoo: "Watchdog looks awesome. Drive club looks good but it comes down to what tracks are available in game
If they just have generic tracks then I think its gunnaa blow IMO. Considering they have RL manufactures I'm hoping for the best. I do like the Mobil app challenge feature. That's pretty sick. SE almost killed the hype momentum. I'm sure someone at Sony is livid. Either way with so many beautiful games already for ps4 I see a very bright recovery for Sony and the PlayStation brand."

YoungMullah88: "While the show was awesome and Sony came out swinging, i mean spectating a friend and jumping in to take over for them are the two features that impressed me the most...but I'm still cautious when it comes to Sony promising way too much and under delivering. Any body remember Phil Harrison's GDC presentation back in 06? Half of those features never made it to the ps3! Here's hoping everything we saw on the 20th will be there from day one!"

PSU staff will have its own thoughts to share with detailed opinion pieces and editorials in the days and weeks to come. In the meantime, make your voice heard in the comments. Did the PS4 reveal blow your mind? Are there ways that Sony could have done better? Let us know, and check out our massive collection of every PS4 story, detail, and video.