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Badass Bosses: The Kraken (God of War II)

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on 4 May 2013

Welcome back to yet another instalment in’s on-going Badass Bosses series, where we scrutinize some of gaming’s most iconic scraps. Last time we brought things forward with a peak at DmC: Devil May Cry’s sleazy TV host Bob Barbas; for our latest entry, we go back into retro mode for a look at God of War II’s Kraken boss battle.

So, get comfy, grab a cuppa and sit back as we have a butcher’s at this water-based behemoth.

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Anyone with a penchant myths and legends will be familiar with the Kraken. Originating from Scandinavian folk lore, these sea-dwelling beasts take the form of gigantic squid-like creatures, purportedly said to have attacked countless ships over the centuries, devouring the entire crew in the process. Given modern-day science has proven the existence of the ‘Giant Squid,’ it’s not difficult to assume that these legends have some basis in reality. But enough of the history lesson.

Kratos encounters the Kraken on the Island of Creation, where it attacks the bald anti-hero after the Last Spartan has been slain. Aesthetically, the Kraken seems to take much of its inspiration from the movie Clash of the Titans, appearing as a massive, Octopus-like monstrosity complete with huge tentacles and razor-sharp maw. Towering over Kratos, the beast is big enough to gobble the Spartan warrior down whole, and crush him to death with its powerful limbs. It also spits a rather nasty-looking matter from its mouth for long-range attacks.

Thanks to the efforts of the Icarus Wings and the Rage of Titans upgrade though, Kratos is able to open up his own unique brand of whoop-ass on the creature. After getting creative with the corpse of his previous victim to help him reach the Kraken’s ugly mug, Kratos is able to hack away at the creature and cause significant damage. Once this is done, the tentacles can be chopped until they are severed from the main body, prompting the creature to make a meal of the Last Spartan’s lifeless body.

The aquatic beast still has a few tricks up its sleeves though, and will continue to attack until Kratos does enough damage to vanquish it in an appropriately gruesome manner.

Stay tuned to for more Badass Bosses in the coming weeks.