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Nyko Blu-Wave Infrared Remote Review

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Everybody realizes that the PlayStation 3 can do much more than just play video games. It can be used to view pictures, listen to music, or watch movies in high definition. So what's missing? Infrared support.

Nyko's Blu-Wave Infrared Remote, which ranges from USD 15.99 to 28.00 in our store, adds just what you need. The package comes with a USB infrared receiver, an infrared remote, and of course two AAA batteries (a nice long-lasting pair of Duracell's)

The infrared remote itself is black and silver and has a sleek look to it that matches your PS3, which should please most consumers. I'm sure you don't want a bright pink remote controlling your sleek black, dust-free, non-warranty voided, PlayStation 3.

The remote itself works right out of the package. Just plug the USB receiver into your PS3 and start controlling. Although there is a noticeable lag, especially when left idle for a while, the remote does exactly what it is intended to do. The remote features full control as it replicates all of the SIXAXIS buttons.

The USB device plays the role of infrared receiver. In another aesthetically pleasing move, the IR receiver is also black and silver, so it matches your PS3 as with the actual remote itself. It is about the size of an everyday USB portable drive so it doesn't stick out of the PS3 too far. For those who don't know what infrared is, it is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than that of visible light, but shorter than that of microwaves. Long definition short. Infrared is what sends signals from your TV remote to your TV.

The IR receiver itself is what separates this remote from Sony's official blue tooth remote. Universal remotes, such as the one you probably use to control your TV, use IR technology. This means that if your remote has a programmable function to it, then you can program Nyko's remote to your everyday remote so that your don't have an extra remote lying around. Confused?

While the Nyko remote does everything that is intended to do, the only down fall is the inability to turn your PlayStation 3 on and off with it so in the long run, you still have to get up or use the SIXAXIS remote.

Bottom Line:
Nyko's Blu-Wave Infrared Remote does everything that is intended to do and it additionally adds infrared support to your PS3. Assuming that the power restraint doesn't affect you, the Blu-Wave remote is worth a try.

Adds infrared red support to PS3
Sleek design to match PS3
Shortcut buttons available

Inability to turn PS3 on and off
Noticible lag, especially when left idle

7.5 / 10