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Calling all new DUST 514 players - Corp Recruitment and beginner training sessions here

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on 13 May 2013

With DUST 514 due to launch on May 14, we know they’ll be a host of new players joining the legions of fanatics who have been fighting in their thousands across New Eden since the beta begun so we want to help to get you initiated into the DUST gaming lifestyle as smoothly as possible.

DUST 514 is an MMO FPS that is available as a free download. There are items that you can buy, but you can quite happily spend the rest of your DUST life playing entirely for free. This is a shooter unlike any other, set within the massive EVE Universe currently inhabited by players in the PC game, EVE Online. If you’re coming to DUST from the likes of Call Of Duty and Battlefield, you’re in for a big surprise. Welcome to an FPS that will reward you every step of the way.


We’ve published many features on DUST since the open beta began and you can browse through our DUST forum to find some articles that will help ease you into the game. Or, you could just come and join our Corporation, PSU Ghost Syndicate (PSUGS).

We’re not only seeking experienced DUST players, but the launch is the perfect time for us to call all those players who may not have tried DUST yet, or may be re-visiting it now that the huge updates have landed.

You can find us via the NeoCom in DUST 514. Just go to CORPORATION – SEARCH and type in PSU Ghost Syndicate. You can now apply to join us. Alternatively, just hop into our DUST 514 forum and let us know you’re interested. Our CEO will send you an invite.

New DUST players introduction and tips to get you started
DUST is crammed to the rafters with options, customisation tools and menus and we want new players not to be daunted because once you spend some time with the game we’re sure you’ll be hooked. Therefore, we’re going to be running regular meet-ups over the coming weeks where we’ll be available to chat with new players about anything DUST related, offering advice and tips on how to get started.

We’re also extending this invite to people outside of our Corporation.

Here’s what you need to do:

Saturday – 18th May – 8pm BST (check your local times)

You can visit us via the DUST NeoCom via the following methods…

- Join the PSU Ghost Syndicate Corporation prior to the meet-up and join us in Corp Chat. From the NeoCom, Press Select , Press ‘X’ on CORP and Press Activate Voice. Experienced Corp members will be online to help you out or answer questions.

- Or, from the NeoCom, Press Select, Choose Join (bottom) and then type in into the Channel Name. We’ll have representatives of our Corp ready to help out.

Join us as we embark on an amazing adventure.