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Hardcore gamers need look no further than PS4 as Xbox One reveal disappoints

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on 22 May 2013

After Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal yesterday, hardcore gamers can be safe in the knowledge that at least there will be one console released this year that caters for their needs.

PlayStation 4 looks set to be the next-gen console that gives hardcore players exactly what they want; games, while Xbox One’s role in the future appears to be nothing more than a glorified Smart T.V., a gimmicky, voice and gesture controlled, home entertainment system where games take a back-seat to the familiar practice of watching sport, T.V. and dabbling with apps such as Skype, which we’ve been doing for years on PC.

Xbox One revealed yesterday at Home of Microsoft in Redmond

While Microsoft used the big stage to talk about all the great ways gamers can watch T.V. on their Xbox One and move seamlessly between applications by barking out orders like “Xbox Go Home”, Sony took a different tact during its PS4 reveal in February. At this showcase, Sony talked about the games we can look forward to, how it will be encouraging social interaction around those titles, and how it will support indie game developers with a fairer business model to encourage even more games on the platform. "Our vision for the future is consumer centric and developer inspired," said Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO Andrew House.

While Sony showed off and revealed games such as Knack, InFamous: Second Son, The Witness, Drive Club and Deep Down, Microsoft gave a glimpse of Forza 5 and showcased Call Of Duty: Ghosts (also available on PS4.) Most of the time was spent navigating a wealth of media options with their voices, showcasing enhanced Kinect functionality and talking about mundane features, such as NFL integration and the ability to interact with your fantasy team. Who cares, really?

 Sony focuses on the games at PS4 reveal

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for Xbox fans though as Microsoft did reveal 15 exclusives coming to the franchise over the next 12 months. But, how many of those will be made for Kinect 2, which no-one will care about, and how many will be a repeat of existing franchises such as Halo, whose course is already well-trodden on Xbox?

It’s still early days, but initial impressions based on the two big reveal events show two very different mind-sets. While Microsoft is concentrating on replacing the set-top box (nothing will replace my brilliant Sky Plus service) and pushing voice technology, even though it’s far more intuitive to just use a controller (I've been doing that for years), Sony is thinking about the gamers, the games it will make and how it will encourage others to develop for its platform. I know where my money will be going.