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Fuse character profiles - meet Jacob Kimble (The Sniper)

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on 23 May 2013

Welcome back to the third instalment of our Fuse character profile round-up, where we scrutinize all four members of the deadly Overstrike 9 unit before launch day. In this latest entry, we take a look at Jacob Kimble.

A former homicide detective from Los Angeles, Jacob Kimble burns with a vengeful taste for justice. His unorthodox methods however are brutal to say the least; he once bundled a child killer into the trunk of a car, before pouring gasoline over it and setting it alight. Unsurprisingly, he soon grew tired of the bureaucratic nature of traditional law enforcement, which eventually results him leaving the LAPD and joining up with Overstrike 9.

Kimble is a crack shot, thus forming the part of sniper for the team.  His signature weapon is the Arcshot, allowing him to dispatch foes with deadly precision from afar. Furthermore, the weapon’s bolts can also be charged to discharge fiery bursts that liquefy foes, allowing for multiple targets to be eliminated. Finally, the former cop can also fall back on his Guardian sidearm and Scavenger rifle.

Fuse is due out on May 28 in the U.S. and May 31 in Europe. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the game here at