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E3 2013 Awards: Most Anticipated Game

on 14 June 2013



Kingdom Hearts III. Final Fantasy XV. Watch_Dogs. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The Order: 1886. Destiny. With so many triple-A titles on the horizon, picking our most anticipated title from this year’s E3 software blowout was no easy task, although ultimately the game that had us frothing at the mouth the most was MGSV.

Hideo Kojima’s latest entry in his celebrated stealth-action franchise takes Snake into an open-world setting for the first time, bringing with it endless possibilities in terms of gameplay. Players are free to approach objectives however they see fit, with the game looking to define the open-world stealth experience.

Set in 1984, The Phantom Pain picks up after the prologue sequence Ground Zeroes, and follows Big Boss after he recovers from a nine-year coma. Now operating under the alias Punished Snake, our grizzled hero forms a new military unit called Diamond Dogs and infiltrates Soviet-occupied Afghanistan, where he encounters long-time rival Ocelot once more.

As well as featuring unprecedented freedom in terms of gameplay, The Phantom Pain also includes real-time weather effects and realistic day and night cycle, and includes a base-building mechanic similar to MGS: Peace Walker.

All in all, Metal Gear Solid V is shaping up to one of the most ambitious titles we’ve seen to date -- and it looks utterly gorgeous to boot.