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E3 2013 Awards: Best Action Game

on 14 June 2013


Tom Clancy’s The Division won our action hearts at E3 this year, impressing with its seven-minute gameplay demo at Ubisoft’s press conference. Taking the form of an MMO tactical shooter with a sprinkle of RPG elements thrown in for good measure, The Division is in the works at Ubisoft Massive, and takes full advantage of the power of next-generation consoles – it’s only releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for now, after all.

An ambitious title by anyone’s standards, The Division plucks inspiration from Operation Dark Winter and Directive 51, and sees the United States devastated by a mysterious disease that has crippled the country in just five days. Players form part of a group designed to fight the illness and attempt to preserve what remains at any cost.

Right now much of the game remains a mystery, but what we’ve been shown so far has well and truly got us salivating like maniacs for its release.