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E3 2013 Awards: Best Shooter

on 14 June 2013

Amidst the testosterone-fuelled mudslinging between EA and Activision over upcoming juggernauts Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, Halo studio Bungie delivered a Master Chief-sized boot print on the heads of its rivals with the impressive-looking shooter, Destiny. Yep, forget about contemporary shooters coming this holiday season, as far as PSU.com is concerned, Destiny is THE shooter that won E3.

The scale of Bungie’s blast-'em-up is nothing short of impressive, with the developer trumpeting the fact its sci-fi-thememed, gigantic game world is ‘alive.' Players will encounter in-game events throughout, which are not pre-determined by the game’s creator allowing for an unpredictable, dynamic gameplay experience. Powered by a brand new game engine, Destiny places great emphasis on multiplayer experiences, though eschews much of the traits of traditional MMOs. For example, Bungie has opted for on-the-fly matchmaking, as opposed to the usual process of interacting with players in-game or on a server.

Destiny’s biggest pull however is the game world, taking place in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic setting following an influx of peace and technological advancements known as the Golden Age. However, following an event known as the Collapse, human colonies around the Solar System have dissolved, leaving mankind in a precarious situation. Hostile alien races now occupy the former human colonies, which sees the player – as a member of Guardian of the City – out in force attempting to quell these alien threats and prevent mankind’s extinction.

It’s a bold premise and one filled with legions of unique characters, places and weapons, and more importantly one that is sure to differentiate it from the Halo series. Keep an eye on this one, folks.