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E3 2013 Awards: Best Multiplayer

on 14 June 2013


Not content with scooping our E3 ‘Best Shooter’ gong, Bungie’s Destiny continues to prove itself a force to be reckoned with as it wins PSU.com’s attention for the Best Multiplayer game of the show. As mentioned in our previous Best Shooter article, Destiny is all about multiplayer action, so much so that Activision is boasting that Bungie’s shooter has an infrastructure of such magnitude that it makes it the biggest multiplayer game in years.

The proof is in the pudding though, and while it’s one thing to throw around PR hype, seeing the game in action is the only way to judge – and boy, does Destiny deliver the goods. The action is seamless, with the Sony E3 presser demo showcasing sumptuously-realised game world ripe for squaddie action and exploration. As well as the main quest, players can effortlessly break off into more traditional MMO trappings and take part in side events (known as Raids here) to keep you busy outside of the core narrative experience.With such a massive scale and gorgeous visuals to go alongside it, Destiny looks to be one of the definitive multiplayer hits of the next generation of consoles.