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Saints Row IV review round-up

14 August 2013

Get your swear jars and pack an over-sized sex toy in your pocket, because Saints Row IV is back and more ambitious (and insane) than ever. This time around, we find the gang leader elected President of the United States, but there’s no time for taking it easy; aliens are invading Steelport, and it’s down to you to put them in their place. Equip barmy super powers, controversial weaponry (alien anal probe anyone?) and team up with your fellow Saints as you embark on yet another over-the-top adventure from the team at Volition.

Fun fact: did you know that Saints Row IV was originally conceived as an expansion for Saints Row: The Third, titled ‘Enter the Dominatrix?’ Well, having now evolved into a full-fledged sequel, has Volition managed to craft a worthy successor to 2011’s open-world action romp, or does it lack overall polish?

Find out in our review round-up below, and read’s verdict here.

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Destructoid - 9.5/10
Joystiq – 5/5
God is a Geek – 9/10
OXM – 9/10
Polygon – 9/10
Gamefront – 93%
GamingBolt – 9/10
DigitalSpy 4/5

GameZone – 8.5/10

Game Informer – 8.5/10
Eurogamer – 8/10
VideoGamer – 8/10
ShackNews – 8/10
NowGamer – 7.5/10
IGN – 7.3/10
OPM UK – 6/10

Cheers, VG247

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