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Inside the PlayStation Universe: Kyle Prahl - U.S. Managing Editor (August 16, 2013)

on 16 August 2013

Our weekly feature giving readers an insight into the lives and working week of the PlayStation Universe staff continues.

As Friday night sets in, we join U.S. Managing Editor Kyle Prahl, who can't understand why nobody on the West Coast knows how to make an Old Fashioned.

Name: Kyle Prahl

Title: U.S. Managing Editor

What games have you been playing this week?

With my Saints Row IV review in the bag and a bit of gaming free time before the holiday rush begins, I've taken to the final dozen or so hours of Ni no Kuni. This game has been an all-summer ordeal, so I'm glad to finally be seeing the finish line. Of course, it's been a long time since a really meaty RPG got its hooks in me, so I've enjoyed (almost) every minute of the journey.

Next week, I hope to get down to business with Final Fantasy VI on my Vita while getting back on the hamster wheel with Skyrim. I know, I know--who plays Skyrim anymore, right? Well, truth be told, there's a LOT of stuff I didn't finish in that game back during its heyday, despite putting in over 150 hours. I want to wrap up all the factions, questlines, and (possibly) trophies, though if I can't do all that in the next two or three weeks, I may have to set it aside for another six months or so.

Which feature, review or piece of news caught your eye on PSU in the last seven days and why?

Absolutely, positively, the Grand Theft Auto Online reveal. Rockstar's trailer was a true piece of work--I can't remember being so thrilled at a brief video glimpse--but all the information that came out after had me gleefully spinning in my office chair imagining the fun that October 1 will bring. CVG has a particularly excellent interview with Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies that everyone should read--it's dense, incredibly informative, and got me even more excited for GTA Online than the trailer.

What are you doing when you’re not a PSU editor?

I'm chasing away Ernest Lin, one of our U.S. Editors, who's taken to raiding my apartment complex's dumpsters in search of technology that incoming (and outgoing) exchange students toss. He always finds the good stuff--a laptop, Beats earbuds, a Nintendo Wii--and frankly, I'm sick of him running off with what should be, by all rights, my loot. Also, giving mad love to Meagan.