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PlayStation Unchained - Episode #7: PS Vita TV, Hideo Kojima's erotic fantasies

on 16 September 2013

Testing…testing 1, 2, 3….ah, there you are. Welcome back to PlayStation Unchained, where we present to you episode 7 of our on-going podcast series. As we continue our newly-launched weekly format, PSU.com’s U.K. Team takes the mic once again for the latest session of gaming gossip and colloquial British banter. Before that though, we once again extend thanks to Kyle Prahl and the U.S. crew for another blinding effort last week.

This time around, regular host and podcast overlord Mike Harradence takes a step back from overseeing the show, instead handing the microphone to co-host Ben Shillabeer-Hall. Ben’s been itching to get his mitts on the mic for a while now, so we let him out of his basement shackles to let loose for this latest episode. Joining Mike and Ben is Paul Kelly, which makes up our three-man team for this episode – sadly, PSU Big Cheese Steven Williamson was too knee-deep in nappies and babysick to join us.

For our latest episode, we discuss the usual batch of news, including the announcement of PlayStation Vita TV, as well as delve into the erotic mind of Hideo Kojima and his fascination with video game boobs and camel toes (no, really,). Aside from that, we also take the time to share what games have been eating up the hours as of late, and go over the latest reviews from PSU.com.

Check out the episode below or download it directly to your computer here. Want to contact us? Fire us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We may even read your email out in the next show.

You can also contact the following staff members via their Twitter profiles: Ben (@Chille_UK), Paul (@paul_kelly1).

Enjoy the show!