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10 cool things you may not know about GTA V

on 16 September 2013

5. Control a sexually frustrated Rottweiler and change his behaviour via an app
Franklin has a Rottweiler called Chop who he can call on to search for hidden packages, help sniff out hidden enemies and maul them if requested. Chop, however, does get distracted easily and goes off humping any bitches he finds, but you’ll be able to train him and improve his behaviour via an app. Like license customisation this will be done via the iFruit app for iPhone and iPad.

6. Use the snap-o-matic to take pictures anywhere and upload to the social club
In GTA V you can take pictures of anything at any time and immediately upload them to the Rockstar social club for others to enjoy. This is done via the in-game cell phone. There are some amazing sights throughout Los Santos to snap. Whether you’re standing on the hills above the Vinewood sign and looking over the city or at the top of the big wheel on the end of the pier, there’s no shortage of nice things to ogle at.

7. Trade in stocks and shares and make some serious cash
We’ve already purchased a $10000 stake in a Burger Chain in Los Santos and we can watch its performance on the share market via the LCN (offline) or BAWSAQ (online) stock exchange on the mobile phone. The tip here is to buy low and sell high. It’s going to be an excellent way to win (and lose) money and a great way for players to try and get the cash to buy that luxurious mansion they’ve been dreaming about. Players can even influence the BAWSAQ figures!

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