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Grand Theft Auto V's rape scene and the power of player choice (corrected)

on 18 September 2013

Correction: Rockstar Games has reached out to PSU to clarify that the scene described in this article is meant to depict and imply cannablism, not rape. We regret this error. Turns out, some of the cannibal NPCs are naked.


There is a rape scene in Grand Theft Auto V. But Rockstar Games couldn't have handled it any better.

As reviews of Rockstar's open-world opus hit the 'net this morning, you might be wondering where PSU's review is. I've been playing the game constantly for the last few days, but I'm not ready to render my final verdict on what is, arguably, the biggest game since the previous Grand Theft Auto. The odyssey of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin is a massive, massive adventure, after all. In our time with the game, we've seen a great many things--hilarious accidents, crazy characters, and disturbing events.

That last one could be used to describe GTA V's rape scene, which occurs as a random event somewhere out in Blaine County's sprawling countryside. It's a dirty place with dirty people--meth heads, redneck thugs, and cartel members alike. Still, I wasn't expecting to see the following take place in the hills north of Los Santos:

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