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GTA V: Best properties to invest in

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on 18 November 2014

The GTA V stock market is great for making money fast but buying properties will secure you a steady income.

To buy a property, head to locations marked with a house sign with a dollar inside it and walk up to sign outside of the building. You’ll then have the option to buy it.

Check out our five recommendations for properties to invest it.

1. The Los Santos Golf Club
Location: Richman

If you have the cash to fork out $150,000,000 then this luxurious property will deliver an income of $264,500 a week. It’s going to take some time to get your money back but if you’re playing GTA V long term, then you’ll make some serious dosh. You’ll also be able to play golf for free


2. Cinema Doppler
Located: Downtown Vinewood
This property, modelled on the real life Dolby Theatre, costs $10,000,000 and will net you an income of $132,200 a week. The downside is you’ll need to keep an eye out for gang attacks and you’ll also need to ensure you promote the cinema by dropping off flyers.


3. Tequi-La-La
Located:West Vinewood
This bar will cost you $2,000,000 and will net you a steady income of $16,500 a week. Owning this property comes at a price as you will be called to defend your bar from robbers.


4. Pitchers
Location: Downtown Vinewood
This bar requires a much smaller investment of $750,00 and will bring in an income of $7,100. Once again you’ll need to defend it from attackers.


5. Smoke On the Water
This pharmacy store, where patients can get their hands on medical marijuana, costs a modest $204,000 and will net you income of $9300 a week. If you buy this property you’ll also have to carry out some weed delivery missions.

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