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PlayStation Unchained - Episode 8: GTA V is here

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on 23 September 2013

Welcome back to another episode of PlayStation Unchained, where the team at PSU Towers discuss the latest gaming gossip and throw in some friendly banter for good measure.

With our U.S. force unable to make it for Episode 8, Team U.K. once again stepped up to the mic, fronted by Ben Shillabeer-Hall, who is joined once again by Mike Harradence and Alex Locher. This past week has been a substantial period in the gaming calendar with the release of Grand Theft Auto V, so naturally our attention is largely focused on Rockstar’s crime romp -- though we still find to chat about some other news, too.

In addition, expect a brief round-up of the games that have been eating up our time lately (GTA V notwithstanding, that is), while Mike takes the time to answer a couple of emails.

Listen to the podcast below, or download it to your computer here.