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PlayStation Unchained - Episode 11: GTA Online, exclusive DUST 514 interview

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on 14 October 2013

Comfy? Good, then grab a cuppa and indulge with us once more as the crew at PlayStation Universe return with episode 11 of our weekly podcast, PlayStation Unchained. This time around we’re joined by Team U.K., fronted by host Mike Harradence, co-host Ben Shillabeer-Hall, Paul Kelly and newcomer Lee Millington.

For our latest episode, we once again dissect the latest gaming gossip, discuss some of the latest reviews on and chew the fat over some of the titles that have been occupying our time as of late.

However, this episode were are very happy to announce that we have an exclusive interview with the new executive producer of DUST 514 for your listening pleasure.

Listen to the latest episode below, or download it directly to your computer by right clicking here and hitting ‘save as.’

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