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System 3 interview - Mark Cale talks PS4 launch, how he's survived 30 years in the industry, and why one of the highest rated Amiga games of all-time was never released

on 17 October 2013

In an exclusive interview with PlayStation Universe, System 3 CEO Mark Cale offers an insightful look into the industry over the years and tells us what it's been like spearheading the success of one of the longest-running independent publishers and game developers.

Formed way back in 1982, System 3 has been involved in many titles across multiple platforms, including International Karate, Putty Squad, The Last Ninja and Ferrarri Challenge.

Cale talks to us about a range of subjects, including the two PS4 launch games he's involved in, what he thinks of the PS4 and how Putty Squad on the Amiga became one of the most highest rated games never to be released.

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